So I was reading this post about Anti-Feminism, because I want to understand their thought process behind their posts here on Tumblr, but I ended up just getting very annoyed because I found that they attacked feminists. Not the true supporters of feminists, but the so-called feminists that believe women should be superior to men, and that they should be put down.

By definition: 

Feminism: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” (I Googled that just to make sure I’m not misquoted later, if anyone cares to prove me wrong.)

I am a feminist. I believe that men and women should be seen as equal. I believe that the Equal Rights Amendment should be passed. I believe I should be subject to the same treatment as men, because why not? What makes me any different? What dictates that my vagina makes me any less capable, as compared to a man? (Also, who decided women were weak, anyway? Someone could have easily said that a penis automatically means inferior, but that’s besides the point.)

Women aren’t above men. Men aren’t above women. Women are wonderful, and so are men. There are things in society that perpetuate the idea that men are above women. Getting a higher salary than women - why? Because I MIGHT take a maternity leave? I can do a job just as well as a man can. “Hormones” that might “get in the way” of making a rational decision can easily happen to men. Men are not devoid of hormones that cause emotional responses.

Okay, back to the main point. There are people who have different beliefs of what feminism is. But the point is that they are not feminists. If they don’t believe that women and men should be equal, THEY ARE NOT FEMINISTS.  Do not bash feminists who truly believe in gender equality. Do not put down a viable cause just because there are a few mislead people in this world.

I do believe I saw a post that said basically said 

(This might be an unpopular opinion, I really have no idea. Please don’t hate me, women are great!!! I just think men are just as great. I do believe women are oppressed. I’m not trying to say that women face no problems. But I’m not trying to say men don’t have problems too!)

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Politeness has become so rare that some people mistake it for flirtation.


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peace out ugly bitches/snitches/bungholes that made fun of me and doubted me

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