❝ Anonymous bothered: Claudia

What about Claudia?

❝ photofilmgirl bothered: Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers ♥

1. I just graduated high school (!!!!!)

2. My favorite color is green

3. My favorite hobby is eating

4. I’m terrified of mannequins

5. I just started Game of Thrones and I’m literally obsessed

6. I am constantly tired (oops)

7. I am half Peruvian

8. I’m obsessed with Instagram (oops again)

9. SNAPCHAT!!!! 

10. I should really do more things so I can have more interesting facts


Hold on to your eucalyptus I’m gonna try and lose him

Politeness has become so rare that some people mistake it for flirtation.


Tumblr sin gatos no es tumblr.


lmfao what

peace out ugly bitches/snitches/bungholes that made fun of me and doubted me

time to go milk cows and hang out on the farm (haha)


He probably calls him old sport